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Happy, happy and...more happy
Joe Edwards
KFWB-Los Angeles

Mike is very versatile. His instinct with our copy is always a bullseye. 

Stuart Simpson
Playboy Radio - Sirius/XM - Jenna Tales 

We have worked with Mike and his group on several occasions. Anyone that can please Jenna Jamson on the first take is alright in my book. *nyuck nyuck nyuck*

Steve Gransanto
Movin 99 radio - Los Angeles

The work that comes out of M.E. Productions is always right on target as well as on time. The simple stuff is always turned around the same day and even with a smile. Keeps us coming back.

Joe Zellner
FRED - XM Sattellite Radio

Mike's reads and production skills are always head on, dead on. He knows exactly how to hit the vibe and feel we need for "FRED". 

Eric Delaney
SpinMaster Toys

When we need something we usually need it within a couple of hours and we need it to be right. We get both from Mike all the time. 

Furuno Radars
Jeff Kaurzlauric

Thanks again Mike. This was a huge product launch for Furuno and it was a surprisingly smooth process working with you. You gave us exactly what we were looking for. 

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